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Welcome to our pagan and wiccan shop online! In our store you will find athames and bolines, free information on sigils, pagan ritual tools, love spells, pagan and wiccan tapestries, occult research information, wiccan jewelry, information on the wiccan and pagan religions, rare occult books and grimoires, history of sacred geometry / ancient magick / the Kabbalah and Talmud, magick symbols and sigils, references on the Enochian alphabet and other obscure texts, chalices and goblets, the history of secret orders like the Freemasons and the Golden Dawn, sacred amulets and talismans, free rituals / instructions and invocations, wiccan art, galleries of religious symbols and more!

If you're into the wiccan religion, pagan religion or the metaphysical arts, we're guaranteed to have something you like here in our store... so feel free to shop around.

Or, if you just want to buy an athame, we've got you covered there, too.
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  1. Greenman altar table 12"

    Greenman altar table 12"


    Out of stock

    Perfect for the practitioner who travels or who has a need for a portable altar space, this 12" A... Learn More »
  2. Locket: Heart

    Locket: Heart


    Out of stock

    This heart scent locket has been especially crafted to allow you to wear your favorite fragrance aro...

    Learn More »
  3. Spiral Brass snuffer

    Spiral Brass snuffer


    Out of stock

    A 10 1/2" long, spiral handled brass candle snuffer.... Learn More »
  4. Black Cat

    Black Cat


    Out of stock

    Two charms, the cat of good luck and number 13 horseshoe. Together they provide protection from evil... Learn More »
  5. Greenman Door Knocker

    Greenman Door Knocker


    Out of stock

    Greenman Door Knocker Learn More »
  6. 1oz Do As I Say  Anna

    1oz Do As I Say Anna


    Out of stock

    1oz Do As I Say Anna Learn More »
  7. CD: Witches' Brew

    CD: Witches' Brew


    Out of stock

    CD: Witches' Brew Learn More »
  8. With lofty and sweet floral notes creating the undertone for this fragrance and a hint of citrus to round it out nicely, Night Queen stick incense from Auric Blends is a calming fragrance for the home or sacred space. Burn it to bring serenity to all who



    Out of stock

    With lofty and sweet floral notes creating the undertone for this fragrance and a hint of citrus to ... Learn More »
  9. Sti Cr Astral Travel 100 Pk

    Sti Cr Astral Travel 100 Pk


    Out of stock

    For use prior to sleep or during meditation, our Astral Travel incense sticks help increase the awar... Learn More »
  10. Pendulum Power

    Pendulum Power


    Out of stock

    The power of the pendulum has been valued since ancient times for its ability to discover treasur... Learn More »
  11. Guiding Light

    Guiding Light


    Out of stock

    Keep yourself as close as you can to your guardian angel and the path before you will be illuminated... Learn More »
  12. Oil 2dr Geranium

    Oil 2dr Geranium


    Out of stock

    Imbued with a sweet, floral fragrance, our Geranium Oil makes for a fantastic aid in many spells and... Learn More »

Items 1 to 12 of 7080 total

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