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Welcome to our pagan and wiccan shop online! In our store you will find athames and bolines, free information on sigils, pagan ritual tools, love spells, pagan and wiccan tapestries, occult research information, wiccan jewelry, information on the wiccan and pagan religions, rare occult books and grimoires, history of sacred geometry / ancient magick / the Kabbalah and Talmud, magick symbols and sigils, references on the Enochian alphabet and other obscure texts, chalices and goblets, the history of secret orders like the Freemasons and the Golden Dawn, sacred amulets and talismans, free rituals / instructions and invocations, wiccan art, galleries of religious symbols and more!

If you're into the wiccan religion, pagan religion or the metaphysical arts, we're guaranteed to have something you like here in our store... so feel free to shop around.

Or, if you just want to buy an athame, we've got you covered there, too.
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  1. This black tourmaline stone is prized among the spiritual community for its ability to ground excess energy and balance emotions, and is a marvelous piece of jewelry within its raw form. Untumbled it seems to have almost been cut into a faceted column, wi

    Untumbled Tourmaline Pendant


    Out of stock

    This black tourmaline stone is prized among the spiritual community for its ability to ground excess... Learn More »
  2. Measuring 18" tall and 15 1/2" wide, these pennant style flags proudly displays an image of a  beautiful rose fairy with ornate Celtic knotwork adorning the corners of each piece. Made of 100% rayon batik, you`ll love the way these lightweight, durable fl

    Rose Fairy Pennant


    Out of stock

    Measuring 18" tall and 15 1/2" wide, these pennant style flags proudly displays an image of a beaut... Learn More »
  3. 1oz Banishing Anna

    1oz Banishing Anna


    Out of stock

    1oz Banishing Anna Learn More »
  4. Slippery Elm Bark pwd 1oz

    Slippery Elm Bark Powder 1oz


    Out of stock

    Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra) is a tree native to North America that can grow over sixty feet in hei... Learn More »
  5. Eyebright pwd 2oz

    Eyebright pwd 2oz


    Out of stock

    Known elsewhere as Euphrasia, Euphrasia officinalis, or the other common names of of Meadow eyebrigh... Learn More »
  6. Reiki Charged Money Pillar

    Reiki Charged Money Pillar


    Out of stock

    Handcrafted and imbued with a blend of herbal fragrances, this pillar candle has been charged with e... Learn More »
  7. Comfrey Leaf cut 1oz (cert org)

    Comfrey Leaf cut 1oz


    Out of stock

    Widely acknowledged as being an herb of great medicinal value, Comfrey Leaf has been known throughou... Learn More »
  8. Witch School, Living Wiccan Life

    Witch School, Living Wiccan Life


    Out of stock

    Discover what it means to be Wiccan with this easy-to-follow course on Wicca from Witch School. F... Learn More »
  9. Mangosteen pwd 1oz

    Mangosteen pwd 1oz


    Out of stock

    A tropical evergreen hat produces a purple fruit, the Mangosteen (garcinia mangostana) has been u... Learn More »
  10. Bee Pollen granules 1oz

    Bee Pollen granules 1oz


    Out of stock

    Used for thousands of years throughout the world, from Ancient Egypt and Greece to Ancient China ... Learn More »
  11. 1 Lb Spearmint cut

    1 Lb Spearmint cut


    Out of stock

    Known and revered for centuries, Spearmint (or Mentha spicata) is native to Europe and Southeast Asi... Learn More »
  12. Wandering Wizard

    Wandering Wizard Amulet


    Out of stock

    Empowered with energy, this amulet is meant for those who wander, giving them a greater strength and... Learn More »

Items 1 to 12 of 7080 total

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