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Welcome to our pagan and wiccan shop online! In our store you will find athames and bolines, free information on sigils, pagan ritual tools, love spells, pagan and wiccan tapestries, occult research information, wiccan jewelry, information on the wiccan and pagan religions, rare occult books and grimoires, history of sacred geometry / ancient magick / the Kabbalah and Talmud, magick symbols and sigils, references on the Enochian alphabet and other obscure texts, chalices and goblets, the history of secret orders like the Freemasons and the Golden Dawn, sacred amulets and talismans, free rituals / instructions and invocations, wiccan art, galleries of religious symbols and more!

If you're into the wiccan religion, pagan religion or the metaphysical arts, we're guaranteed to have something you like here in our store... so feel free to shop around.

Or, if you just want to buy an athame, we've got you covered there, too.
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  1. Rue oil is known for its many uses in the magical arts. It is used for healing, empowerment in the mental arts, exorcism, love, money magic,  and in many hexes and their counterspells.
 This is a pure anointing oil for external use only.

    Rue Oil 2 dram


    Out of stock

    Rue oil is known for its many uses in the magical arts. It is used for healing, empowerment in the m... Learn More »
  2. 2dr Witch's Sight

    Oil 2dr Witch's Sight


    Out of stock

    Used in spells of revenge or discord.... Learn More »
  3. Crystal Ball 80mm Red

    Crystal Ball 80mm Red


    Out of stock

    Here we find the classical crystal ball adjusted with a somewhat more modern twist to aid it in beco... Learn More »
  4. Maiden Mother Crone Tealight

    Maiden Mother Crone Tealight


    Out of stock

    Displaying the three aspects of the Goddess, this candle holder is a powerful piece for any altar. W... Learn More »
  5. If You See Someone

    If You See Someone


    Out of stock

    If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours.... Learn More »
  6. Black Pentagram coaster

    Black Pentagram Coaster


    Out of stock

    Wooden Pentagram coasters with silver or goldtone inlayed pentagram on the top surface of each coas... Learn More »
  7. Oil 1oz Lemongrass

    Oil 1oz Lemongrass


    Out of stock

    Possessing many of the properties and powers of the herb of the same name, our Lemongrass Oil is imb... Learn More »
  8. Kola Nut pwd 1oz

    Kola Nut pwd 1oz


    Out of stock

    Native to rainforests of Africa, Kola Nut (cola nitida) offers an enjoyable, albeit bitter, flavo... Learn More »
  9. Gold Glitter 1oz 1618 gold

    Gold Glitter 1oz 1618 gold


    Out of stock

    This small packet of gold colored glittery is the perfect addition money drawing magic. Gold is part... Learn More »
  10. 4oz Knowledge Anna

    4oz Knowledge Anna


    Out of stock

    4oz Knowledge Anna Learn More »
  11. Here we find the image of the wise and powerful god Shiva set upon this 2" by 3" magnet. Looking down upon the rising cobra that has coiled around his neck, he seems contemplative and serene, with a slight smile upon his face. Next to moving image is the

    Shiva Om Namah Shivaya Magnet


    Out of stock

    Here we find the image of the wise and powerful god Shiva set upon this 2" by 3" magnet. Looking dow... Learn More »
  12. Sti Cr Rose 100pk

    Sti Cr Rose 100pk


    Out of stock

    Filling the room in which it's burned with the sweet fragrance of roses, our Rose incense is a welco... Learn More »

Items 1 to 12 of 7080 total

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Set Descending Direction

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