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Welcome to our pagan and wiccan shop online! In our store you will find athames and bolines, free information on sigils, pagan ritual tools, love spells, pagan and wiccan tapestries, occult research information, wiccan jewelry, information on the wiccan and pagan religions, rare occult books and grimoires, history of sacred geometry / ancient magick / the Kabbalah and Talmud, magick symbols and sigils, references on the Enochian alphabet and other obscure texts, chalices and goblets, the history of secret orders like the Freemasons and the Golden Dawn, sacred amulets and talismans, free rituals / instructions and invocations, wiccan art, galleries of religious symbols and more!

If you're into the wiccan religion, pagan religion or the metaphysical arts, we're guaranteed to have something you like here in our store... so feel free to shop around.

Or, if you just want to buy an athame, we've got you covered there, too.
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  1. Ency/Crystal, Gem & Metal Mag

    Ency/Crystal, Gem & Metal Mag


    Out of stock

    This is a great reference for those that wish to enter the world of gemstone, crystal and metal magi... Learn More »
  2. Perfect for when you`re going shopping, running errands, or going to the gym, the 100% cotton Triquetra tote bag is a green way to carry your belongings. Decorated with an intricate print of Celtic triquetra sprawling over the swirling colors of a tie-dye

    Triquetra Tote Bag


    Out of stock

    Perfect for when you're going shopping, running errands, or going to the gym, the 100% cotton Trique... Learn More »
  3. 7 Sisters Holy oil, 4 dram

    7 Sisters Holy oil, 4 dram


    Out of stock

    The 7 Sisters' Holy Oil is a great addition to just about any spell or ritual magic. Use it to anoin... Learn More »
  4. Aloe Vera pwd 1oz

    Aloe Vera pwd 1oz


    Out of stock

    Used medicinally for thousands of years, Aloe Vera is often regarded within many cultures as a sacre... Learn More »
  5. Triquetra Altar Tile 5"

    Triquetra Altar Tile 5"


    Out of stock

    Shaped into a triangle with flat corners to create a six sided tile, this altar piece presents a bea... Learn More »
  6. The Natural health Bible for Women is the essential illustrated resource for all women, showing how we can use nutrition and natural therapies to prevent health problems, overcome ailments, and keep ourselves strong and well.
 In Chapter One: Introducing

    Natural Health Bible for Women by Marilyn Glenville


    Out of stock

    The Natural health Bible for Women is the essential illustrated resource for all women, showi... Learn More »
  7. Second Pentacle of Mars

    Second Pentacle of Mars


    Out of stock

    This amulet serves to protect against all kinds of diseases and in maintaining good health. It is ap... Learn More »
  8. Arch Angel amulet

    Arch Angel Amulet


    Out of stock

    This powerful Arch angel amulet, consists of a wide circle exterior, with an Arch Angel spell engrav... Learn More »
  9. Love Pillar Candle with Fairy Dust

    Love Pillar Candle with Fairy Dust


    Out of stock

    Find a love you can cherish or strengthen the adoration and connection you feel with the world aroun... Learn More »
  10. Eye Pillow: Vision

    Eye Pillow: Vision


    Out of stock

    Place this beautiful handcrafted vision pillow over your eyes, allowing the scent of sage and dam... Learn More »
  11. Oil 2dr Nag Champa

    Oil 2dr Nag Champa


    Out of stock

    Blended from assorted pure oils, our Nag Champa oil captures the fragrance of the popular incense of... Learn More »
  12. Come To Me incense

    Come To Me incense


    Out of stock

    This powerful incense is intended to be burned in ritual to aid you in attracting and winning over t... Learn More »

Items 1 to 12 of 7080 total

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