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Randomly Generate Cool Fantasy Names

Magic Spell Name Generator / Random Wiccan Name Generator / Religion Name Generator

Your cool new randomly generated secret magickal fantasy name is:

"Ocio Nunramnee"
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Randomly generate a cool new 100% unique name with our totally one hundred percent FREE tool.

Great for naming a guild, a Skyrim character, rock band, Twitter account, gaming clan, YouTube account, Tumblr blog, Warcraft character, or whatever you please!


Here are some ideas for which the random name generation tool is best used:

  • • For RPG DMs (in games like D&D) who need a unique religion name generator or magic spell name generator
  • • Use our random fantasy baby name generator to find a wiccan name for your new half-elf heathen infant offspring
  • • Use it when signing up for your new (free) account at our sister website, the
    Southern New England Pagan Society
  • • Charge into battle with one of our random fantasy names on the flag of your online guild or MMORPG clan
  • • Name your next Skyrim or World of Warcraft (WoW) character with our random fantasy username generator
  • • Start an unpronounceable fantasy-themed rock band just to spite your future fans
  • • Find that elusive Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, WordPress, or Blogger account that doesn't have a million numbers at the end
  • • Come up with the first e-mail address you've ever had that doesn't totally suck
  • • Use our tool to come up with a new random moniker for when you flee the country to escape extradition internationally

Okay... maybe not so much for the last one. Uh... we don't advise criminals to use our software or... continue doing illegal things. Nope. Our non-existent legal team is very sure about that.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN, and remember: you can't sue us! We have no money or shame!

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